The new crown virus in 2022 has changed the rules of the world game industry, and a new change is taking place. It is derived from the birth of arcade roulette. It is the next real emerging game market.


In 2022, Haiwei International and Huixin Technology  officially released a variety of arcade roulette game machines, and achieved preliminary results in the South American market.

Since HOT mini roulette  is a popular roulette game, despite this, it adopts the mainstream capacitive touch technology in the market, with a 17-inch 1024*768 resolution screen. There are multiple machines, combined Jackpot game, and remote APP management machine, optional different cash boxes and lottery machines, of course, can also be transformed into a coin throwing and withdrawing mode, making it the same size as an arcade game , or even smaller, but Its price is about twice as cheap as that of arcade games, but the excitement and playability of its games are the same as games in the financial market. It can be hung on the wall or placed on the table. It has good arcade attributes and a gaming experience.


Since HOT Mini roulette  is a 13-hole physical electronic roulette machine that realizes mass production, it combines the game features of large professional roulettes  and integrates the small features of arcade machines. Therefore, it must become the pioneer product of roulette game arcade.

Post time: Apr-24-2022