In addition to the traditional roulette game business, WINS also has overseas subsidiaries in Brazil, the United States, and Central and South America. It even has a joint venture production company in Vietnam. In recent years, it can be seen from financial data that the revenue of this business has been increasing.


Now it seems that wins is indeed gradually breaking away from the traditional video game industry. While announcing its vigorous entry into the mobile game industry, Someone now seems to want to vigorously promote the legalization of competitive gaming games in the United States.

Thomas Jinli, president of Gaming Industry America, has proposed a new law in Nevada: In the past, only games of pure luck, such as slot machines, were allowed as gaming items. And under the state’s new law, all games that compare wins and losses based on technology are now legal. This means that those “bonus rounds” can now be added to the game, and those players who are very skilled will be rewarded for winning. Moreover, the proposal passed the review of state legislators.

That is to say, all traditional game projects centered on technical confrontation can be added to payout projects, such as driving, shooting, gunfighting, sports, and so on. Konami or any game publisher can use its iconic product as the main body to make a slot machine, and combine the payout and the game.

According to the Global Gaming Game Report previously released by AppAnnie, the gaming industry is expected to reach 120 billion US dollars in 2019. In fiscal 2017, the global iOS gaming mobile game revenue increased by 55% year-on-year, card game revenue increased by about 50%, and dice game revenue It has grown by around 70% over the same period. With the increase in the penetration rate of smartphones, the revenue of gaming mobile games will continue to increase.

Gaming mobile

Gaming mobile games, the route planning of WINS is indeed unexpected. Perhaps for companies, the only thing that tends to change the direction of development is profit. It may not be long before WINS will be the tycoon that changed the gaming world.

Post time: Jun-28-2022